Earn $1 million in just 36 hours: The secret is just 1 word!

Gunsaulus made $ 1 million in 36 hours after he made it clear in his mind that he should have it in a week and outlined a clear plan to do.

Earn $ 1 million in just 36 hours: The secret is just 1 word!

You may not know, of the top 25 self-made billionaires in the world, technology billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Ma (Alibaba) and Ma Huateng (Tencent) made the first $ 1 million in the round. less than 5 years since starting a business. Phil Knight, founder of Nike, took 16 years to reach this milestone, while French fashion magnate François Pinault took 25 years.
But the founder of the Armory Institute of Technology, the forerunner of today’s Illinois Institute of Technology, took just 36 hours to reach $ 1 million. That is a story from the book “bedside pillows” by “coffee king” Dang Le Nguyen Vu – Think rich, get rich (author Napoleon Hill).
According to Napoleon Hill, this story corroborates the old saying: “There is a will.” The narrator of this story is Frank W. Gunsaulus, a beloved teacher and missionary.
He intends to build a new school. There, he was able to execute his ideas without the interference of formal educational methods. He needs $ 1 million to implement this plan. But how did he get that much money? That was the question that always stuck in the mind of the young but aspiring missionary.
For a long time, he could not go any further in implementing the idea. Each night, he brought these thoughts into his sleep. He woke up with it in the morning. He takes it everywhere. He kept repeating this thought until it became a permanent thought.
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As a philosopher as well as an evangelist, Gunsaulus realizes that clear purpose is the starting point for all those who have succeeded in life. He also realizes that clear purpose helps humans gain vitality and strength. It is that vitality and strength that, when backed by a burning desire, will turn that goal into an equivalent material value.
He knows this great truth but has no idea where to find it or how to obtain a million dollars. In his position, people often click on their tongues by justifying themselves: “Well, well, my idea is great but I can’t do it because I don’t have $ 1 million.”
That’s exactly what the majority would say, but not from Gunsaulus’s point of view. And here is Gunsaulus’s account of the process of making this huge amount of money:

Plan to earn $ 1 million in 36 hours

“I decided, right there and then, that I was going to get a million dollars in a week. How? I didn’t care about that. The most important thing was, I decided it was right. get that amount in a specified amount of time.
I want to tell you about the moment when I had the definitive intention that I had to make that money in a certain amount of time, a strange sense of certainty welled up within me, a feeling I never had. experience. There seemed to be a voice echoed in me: “Why didn’t you make early decisions? This money is always waiting for you!”.
Everything happened so quickly. I called the papers and told them I was going to give a lecture the next morning with the title: What would I do if I had a million dollars.
I started preparing for my lecture right after. But I have to tell you honestly, this job is not difficult at all because I have been preparing for this lecture for almost 2 years.
Long before midnight, I finished my lecture. I went to bed with a lot of confidence because I felt like I had made a million dollars.
The next morning I got up very early, reread the lecture. I knelt in prayer and wondered if my sermon would attract someone who could give the money I needed.
When I was praying, I felt again that the money would come to me. In excitement, I went out without a presentation, and I didn’t realize this until I got on the podium and started my presentation.
It was too late for me to go back to get the lecture I had prepared, and fortunately I did not. Instead, my subconscious created the ideas I needed. As I stand up to begin my talk, I close my eyes and tell all my heart and soul about my dream. Not only did I speak to the audience, but I also felt like I was speaking to God.
I said what would I do with a million dollars if that money was put in my hands. I describe my plan to build a great educational institution where young people can learn to practice practical things and develop their intelligence.
As I finished my lecture and sat down, a man slowly stood up from his seat, about three rows from the pulpit, and walked toward me. I wonder what he would do. He came to the pulpit, stretched out his arms, and said, “Father, I love your sermons. I believe you will do all that you say if you have a million dollars. that I believe in you and your sermon, if you come to my office tomorrow morning I will give you a million dollars. My name is Phillip D. Armor “.
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From the above story, Napoleon draws that: 1 million dollars needed is the result of one word: IDEA. Behind that idea lies a longing that young Gunsaulus has nurtured in his mind for almost 2 years.
Note that Gunsaulus got the money within 36 hours after he made a clear decision in his mind that he must have it and devise a clear plan to do it.
Others may have thoughts similar to Gunsaulus, but the decision he made on that memorable Saturday is rare and unusual. He turned all these vague thoughts into a solid plan and stated clearly: “I will have this money within a week!”.
The principle that gave Gunsaulus a million dollars is still true and true. It’s still ready for you to learn and use. This popular principle is as viable today as it is when the young missionary successfully applied it to realize his dream.

How to turn ideas into money?

We can see that Gunsaulus knows the amazing truth that ideas can be turned into money through the power of unambiguous goals and concrete plans.
If you are one of those who believes that just by working hard and honest you can become rich, then you should give up that thought! It is completely incorrect. Money coming in in large quantities is never just the result of hard work. If money comes, it will only come to fulfill clear requirements based on the application of clear principles, without any chance or luck.
In general, an idea is a thought that drives you to act because it always stimulates your imagination. All the master traders know that ideas can be sold in “no goods”. Ordinary traders don’t know this, which is why they are “normal”.
A publisher of inexpensive books has discovered something of great value to publishers in general. He found that many people only buy books because of the title, not because of the book’s content. Just by renaming a bestseller, the number of subsequent books sold was more than a million copies. The contents of the book did not change in any way, he just removed the book cover with the not-selling title and replaced a cover with a more popular title.

This is simply an idea. That is the imagination.

There is no standard price tag for ideas. The idea maker sets a price and if he’s smart, they get it.
The story of every giant fortune actually begins on a day when the creator and implementer get together, working in harmony. Millions of people living in this life hope for “turning points” for their own benefit. Maybe a good turn will give you a chance, but the safest plan is not based on luck.
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As for Napoleon Hill himself, a favorable “turning point” brought him the greatest opportunity in life, but in fact he has devoted and continuously worked hard for more than 20 years to turn that opportunity into wealth and money.
He said: “A favorable turning point came to me through meeting with Carnegie, but what about determination, a clear purpose, the desire to achieve it with a persistent effort in all these years of research. ? There is no ordinary desire to overcome the frustrations, frustrations, temporary failures, criticisms and reminders of others that I am wasting time in a futile job. It must be a burning desire! An obsession!
When the above idea was first planted in my mind through Mr. Carnegie, it was like a child who needed to be comforted, cared for, and nurtured by me to survive. Gradually, that idea became a giant with self-power and then it comforted, nurtured and guided me. The ideas are like that. First you give your ideas vitality, action and guidance, then they accumulate their own strength and wipe out all obstacles on your way to success.
Ideas are an invisible force, stronger than even the greatest minds that gave birth to them. Ideas persist forever even after the minds that have produced them return to dust. “
* The content of the article is drawn from the book Think rich, get rich by the author Napoleon Hill published in 1937. This is one of 5 valuable books that change life by the Chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Group Dang Le Nguyen Vu. hand selected, open letter, with the expectation that the book will reach all the young people and people of the country, to change perceptions, motivate aspirations to get rich, and build a mighty country together.

$1 million in just 36 hours
$1 million in just 36 hours
$1 million in just 36 hours
$1 million in just 36 hours

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