Top 11 websites that allow downloading free website templates

Reference templates are always the optimal way to help you find inspiration and speed up web design. If you are looking for places to download quality free website templates , do not miss Doan Hai article below!


This is a website that owns vector patterns of website design and art in almost all different fields. You can easily find free website templates here from stunning 3D vector designs, to the animal world, Christmas or any other exciting holiday here.



However, don’t forget to include the author’s name when downloading these resources if you use them commercially!

Envato Elements Vector Templates

Envato Elements is considered as a gathering place for a famous design community with thousands of creative and diverse designs. This website also allows you to download all templates from name cards, logos to posters, textures, icons, fonts….

download free website templates

And of course, you can use any of the resources on this website for your creations completely for free.


Add a site to download free website templates for you is Vecteezy. Just like the websites above, you can find thousands of vector templates here.

Vecteezy is a website that allows downloading free website templates

Useful filters from this website also make it easy to search for specific templates for different purposes. In addition, if you want to download more quality templates, you can upgrade your account to use more templates.


At GraphiCheck, you will find a lot of different design styles. At the same time, this is also the “country” of vectors in categories such as logo, pattern … quality.

download free website templates

In addition, this website also allows users to download unlimited free website templates for all commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Possessing more than 75,000 website templates, becomes a paradise for web designers. You can consult a lot of vector shapes, illustrations, patterns, layouts, … from this website.

download free website templates

Along with many categories, also allows users to apply these templates in commercial or non-commercial projects. However, you still need to check the exact requirements of each item in order to get specific licensing information.


Similar to, 123FreeVectors also owns a massive template design repository with more than 62,000 backgrounds and vectors on a variety of topics from animals to bokeh. In addition, it also provides a warehouse of illustrations, clip art and live wallpapers for the web design world.

download free website templates

You can download any website template here for free and optionally adjust to suit your own design needs.


Although it does not own a massive template repository as other websites, but in return with more than 1,500 free, genuine and quality vectors, Vector4free is a valuable reference place for your personal project.

Download free website template at Vector4free

Accordingly, all the templates here are tagged to help users easily find. Also completely free for personal purposes. However, if you want to use it for commercial use then you need to consider the licensing rights of these items.

One of the best sites to download free website templates for users is It offers a variety of design resources for your needs.

download free website templates

In addition to templates, you can find icons, textures, and drawings for your designs. The good news is that these website designs are allowed for both personal and commercial projects. claims to be “the leading search engine for free vector images”. Accessing the platform, you will have access to over 388,000 vectors and can download anything from vector images, illustrations to icons, PSD and turn them into your designs.

download free website templates

With this website, you can download templates in AI, EPS or SVG formats. Additionally, this tool is also free for both personal and commercial projects.

Launched in 2007, is a website founded by those who love graphics and regularly share free vectors. Accordingly, the latest templates updated on this website are updated at the top of the page and are free for personal purposes.

download free website templates

In fact, most of the templates downloaded from are free for commercial purposes. However, you should still check the licensing restrictions of these files before downloading!

Another place to download free website templates suggests you is

Download the free website template at

Similar to many other websites, you are allowed to use free vector images here for your own personal or commercial projects. This site also provides a variety of vector resources with a variety of icons, graphics, background, patterns …

The above are the best places to download free website templates for users. Refer to great photo samples from here that can give you outstanding creative ideas for your website. And do not forget to visit every day to update interesting information about technology and marketing!

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